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Who We Are

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Toma Clark Haines launched

Republic of Toma

as ‘TCH Collection– Lush Decadence Couture Jewelry’ in Paris, France in 2018.

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As a child…

Growing up on a ranch in Oklahoma, Toma’s dream was to be a traveler. She dreamed of far away places. One of her first memories was discovering a stack of National Geographic magazines and being wander-struck - the most interesting things to her were not only exotic locations, varied landscapes and differing styles of decor but the clothes people wore and their accessories.

“I still remember the Kayan people, that tribe in Burma with elongated necks stacked high with necklace after necklaces. And fabulous chunky ethnic necklaces dangling on midnight black skin between bare breasts as a child suckled somewhere in the Congo.”


As an adult…

Toma began traveling the world, studying in London and eventually moving overseas and launching her first global business – The Antiques Diva® & Co – the world’s largest antiques touring company offering antique sourcing in 15 countries.  She lived 5 years in each Paris and  Amsterdam before moving to Berlin for 7 years and then to Venice in 2017.

Influenced by her travels and global design inspiration, what makes Republic of Toma different from other jewelry brands is the connection between Toma’s creations and the world of antiques and design.

A self-professed jewelry addict, Toma says:

“Rings are my favorite accessory. They are the thing I wear for myself. When I wear a ring I see it all day long, typing on my computer, driving my car or enjoying a cocktail." 


Republic of Toma offers one-of-a-kind, hand-made semi-precious jewelry. Subjects and motifs chosen for designs come from an imagination and vision that could be defined as a Cabinet of Curiosities in which each piece is inspired by art history, architecture, decorative arts and antiques; and where glamour, elegance, timeless beauty and uniqueness are translated into sculptural, wearable art. 

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