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‘Never A Dull DIVA Moment … With Lili’ … bij een Sieraden Expositie

"In ‘Never a Dull Diva Moment with Lili’ volgen we wekelijks het leven van Lili Kooijman. Deze loslippige Amsterdamse neemt ons mee op reis, bezoekt markante personen en geeft ons een kijkje in haar dagelijks leven waar het -zoals de titel al doet vermoeden…"  (more)


Toma Haines – My Way, Training and Experience

"A couple of years ago I found myself in a situation where I didn’t know how to get up. I wanted to hide under the covers. And stay there. Forever. Given I have the worlds finest linen Pandora de Balthazar European Luxury Bedding it was tempting. But I knew that wasn’t the solution. I called Royal Private Coach and..."  (more)


TCH Collection Couture Jewelry Announces Mariska Meijers Amsterdam is Exclusive Holland Retailer

 "Designer and artist Mariska Meijers, CEO and owner of Mariska Meijers Amsterdam, will feature the TCH Collection in her Amsterdam location and online store:

“When I first met Toma Clark Haines at High Point Market through her role as CEO of The Antiques Diva & Co, we instantly clicked - sharing that #GirlBoss vibe…“  (more)

TCH Collection Jewelry Mariska Meijers Amsterdam.jpg
TCH Collection Jewelry Mariska Meijers Amsterdam.jpg

TCH Collection Couture Jewelry Announces Mariska Meijers Amsterdam is Exclusive Holland Retailer

"TCH Collection: Lush Decadence Couture Jewelry announces Mariska Meijers Amsterdam will be their exclusive Netherlands retailer. The jewelry will be sold in Mariska Meijers Amsterdam flagship store, debuting at an opening party in the store June 10, 2018."  (more)


Nest by Tamara's 8 Favorite Design Finds From Paris Design Week: Home, Fashion & Art

"Known in interior design circles as The Antiques Diva, Ms. Haines sleuths out antiques all over the world for clients and on private tours.  Expanding her antiques empire to jewelry design, she collaborated with French antique shop Galerie Vauclair to create a chock-filled pop-up shop showcasing her gems along with the shop's spectacular antiques (and some of the finest Majolica I have seen)." (more)

TCH Collection Jewelry Ring.jpg
Galerie Vauclair TCH Collection Jewelry.jpg

Fromental Collaborates with TCH Collection to Design Paris Pop-Up Shop

"Mellissa E. Mittag, Fromental’s North American Sales and Marketing Director, collaborated with TCH Collection Founder and Jewelry Designer Toma Clark Haines and Art and Brand Director Chiara Zanella as well as gallery owner Laurence Vauclair to design a setting that inspires lush ambiance to launch the jewelry collection." (more)


Émaux et merveilles à la galerie Vauclair pour la Saint-Valentin

"Échappée féerique garantie à la galerie Vauclair à Paris, qui accueille jusqu'au 19 mars la nouvelle collection de la créatrice américaine Toma Clark Haines. Des joyaux reptiliens inspirés de la joaillerie du XIXe siècle à consommer avec délectation pour la Saint-Valentin." (more)

Galerie Vauclair TCH Collection Jewelry.jpg
Galerie Vauclair TCH Collection Jewelry.png

Join The Antiques Diva at a Parisian Pop-up to Launch her TCH Couture Jewelry Collection

"There are some encounteres that leave an incredible mark; the meeting between Toma Clark Haines -- CEO of The Antiques Diva & Co. --- and Laurence and Denis Vauclair-Rouquette --- founders of the Parisian Galerie Vauclair --- was one of them."  (more)


Galerie Vauclair presents “An American in Paris”

"From January 19 to March 18, Laurence and Denis will present the TCH Collection at Galerie Vauclair. Toma Clark Haines is of The Antiques Diva® & Co, the world’s largest antique touring company, In 2018, she launched the TCH Collection, a splendid collection of jewelry inspired by the 19th century."  (more)

Galerie Vauclair TCH Collection Jewelry.jpg


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